• One of our bird handlers

    Franz Scherr, founder of Jungle Island, arrived in America from Austria with a dream: to someday be involved with nature. In the twenties, he moved his family to Homestead, Florida, where they lived off the land by preparing tropical fruits and vegetables for the market. Later on, Franz purchased a feed and supply store and had an amazing idea: building an attraction where birds would "fly free." Franz already had a few birds in the store, which were friendly easy to train. So he rented 20 acres of hammock land and started developing the Parrot Jungle. On December 20, 1936, about 100 curious visitors paid 25 cents admission to see and listen to Franz Scherr describe his birds, trees, and flowers.

    Now relocated and renamed, Jungle Island is home to a wide variety of animals, plants and flowers plus exotic birds. Frantz’s romance with nature truly resulted, as he dreamed, in a special abode where visitors and animals harmonize perfectly.

    December 20, 1936

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    Penguins in the Tropics! Nature at it's finest.
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    An Oasis of Nature and a Wonder of Architecture. Jungle Island has something for everyone.